Photoshop Texture: Create 4 Photoshop Textures from 2

Create 4 Photoshop Textures from 2 textures in Photoshop

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Its very easy to create lots of new textures from other textures in Photoshop. Here is a video that shows two textures that I mixed together to create 4 new textures in Photoshop. These are the types of textures that I like to use in the background of my artwork. I look for textures that have textures, various smugs and scratches, and lines or circles or other shapes. I stick to using textures that are copy-right free and for use in commercial projects. That way, if part of the texture is still identifiable, I won’t have the create claiming copyright infringement. As you can see, part of the flowers are still visible in the new textures that I created. This is not a step-by-step tutorial, rather it’s just to show you four different textures that I created from 2 textures. Watch the vidoee and then scroll beneath to download the 2 textures I used, plus the four that I created. Have fun!

All you have to do to create your own textures is to:

  • Play with the opacity on the top layer texture
  • Try out different Blend Modes in the Layers pallet
  • Use the Color Balance to change the colors
  • Test out different filters in the Art Filter Gallery (found under Filter/Filter Gallery)

Photoshop Textures Used and Created in This Photoshop Texture Video

If you’d like to see my artwork up close you can view them at: Fine Art America Cat Whipple

photoshop texture blue watercolor

photoshop texture yellow flowers

photoshop texture  blue white flower

photoshop texture pink white flower

photoshop texture pink yellow flowers

photoshop texture orange dots


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