Collage Castle Welcome

The Queen's Funky Crown by Cat Whipple

The Queen’s Funky Crown by Cat Whipple

Welcome to my new blog Collage Castle. My name is Cat Whipple and I have been an artist all my life. I love doing collage – all types of collage. Whether I’m getting my hands messy with paints and markers or using Adobe Photoshop, the fun of layering, adding color and textures, and mixing artwork, photographs, and doodles has always made me feel like a queen with a new tiara. Collage and mixed media really is my castle that I retreat to when I feel under siege.

I started Collage Castle because I absolutely love doing collage and believe that everyone is capable of creating beautiful collage artwork as well. Here in my Collage Castle I will share my collage artwork, collage tips and techniques, collage resources and tutorials, inspirational quotes for collages, my favorite collage artists, public domain image give-aways, and collage art projects.

I am also on a mission to get my artwork licensed with paper product companies and am currently learning about that, so I will be sharing that information as well.

I hope you will stop back often as I plan to give away public domain images that can be used in your collages.