MATS March Assignment GRRRR

Not Feeling The MATS March Assignment

MATS March assignmentI am so not feeling the MATS (Make Art That Sells) March assignment. It has taken me forever just to get this much done. I started with about 12 pages of doodles and sketches and narrowed those down to about 20 icons.

I am trying to not even compare my work to some of the women in the Facebook/Mats group because, GOOD LORD, some of those women are amazing artists. I just have to keep reminding myself that I have my own style and I am where I am. What ever and where ever that may be.

So this artwork to the left is the jumbled mess I have so far. I am stuck on the background, I feel like it needs some type of design to bring it all together because right now it just feels like a bunch of icons on a page. Maybe I should also get rid of some of the stuff, maybe it’s too busy. And the words, yikes! I need to take a class in calligraphy, my artistic writing abilities suck.

Overall my feelings on this artwork (which is supposed to be for bolt fabric) is blahhhhhh! So much more work to do on this. And I just started working part-time, about 20 hours a week, so that’s eating up a bunch of time I could be working on this. But hey, I got more work and more money coming in, so YEAH on that part of my life!!! But aside from not liking my artwork on this assignment (I do have eight more days to work on it and make it better) my life is wonderful. Yeah!

Next month is going to be nuts, April 1st is the start of MATS Part A. I hear its overwhelming, 4 assignments in 4 weeks. I’m scared and excited.


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