Tangle Designs Template

Tangle Pattern Sheet – Free Download

“Zentangle and “Tangle” Doodles

The Zentangle Method of drawing is a trademark and was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It has caught on and now many people love to “entangle” and “tangle” their doodles.  (Since the word is trademarked I can’t use it here to describe anything other than the trademark itself.) The intricate designs are gorgeous and take doodling to another level of artistry. Many people find it relaxing and soothing. Other artists are now calling this technique of doodling “tangle patterns” and many websites have sprung up focusing on it.

Here is how I filled in my tangle pattern sheet. (Inspired by Zentangles.)








This is my free “tangle patterns” template for those of you who love doing “tangled” or “entangled” doodles. This page is from my new coloring book. Feel free to download it and fill it with your own designs and patterns so that you can refer back to it over and over. Please do not upload this page to the internet.

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