Photoshop Tutorials Using Textures

Photoshop Tutorials Using Textures

photoshop tutorials textures finalI made a fun video showing how I use textures over photographs to turn them from ordinary into Photoshop art. If you have the basic tools and know how to use Photoshop layers and blending modes then this will be very easy for you to do yourself. I have attached the tulips photograph and the textures used in this tutorial. Just scroll below the video so you can download these free textures and try this yourself. I love making Photoshop tutorials and I hope you have fun with this one.

Photoshop Tutorials: Tulips and Textures

photoshop tutorials using textures

photoshop tutorials texture 1

photoshop tutorials texture 3photoshop tutorials texture 4photoshop tutorials texture 5



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  1. Hi I am watching the video for the Tulips. after I bought all your courses from UDEMY and I can get the last step when you duplicate the background layer and select the tulips to remove some of the textures, and said something about the Universe I can get how to duplicate that, please could you give the details step by step so I can learn how to do it. Thanks in advance and keep your excellent tutorials, I am learning a lot.

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