Photoshop For Artists: Not just for photographers

Photoshop For Artists Is A Wonderful Artistic Medium

Photoshop for ArtistsA lot of people think that Photoshop is just for photographers. But I can tell you from personal experience that Adobe Photoshop is a wonderful tool for artists and illustrators. I love Photoshop and have been using it since it hit the market 25 years ago. I started using it to edit photos for the newspaper I was working for at the time. But I quickly realized what a creative and amazing canvas it was for my personal artwork.

I never liked my drawing abilities. I can draw cats but that’s about it. With Photoshop I realized that I could scan the crappiest doodle into Photoshop and turn it into artwork that I really was proud of. I have been hooked on it ever since. And even after using it for 20+ years, I still don’t know a lot of its features. It’s like the TARDIS (from Dr. Who) – it is endless and eternal. A true wonder of the universe.

Below is a short excerpt from my course “Learn Photoshop: Create Gorgeous Art in 2 Days” that is hosted on Udemy.

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