One Hour Art Challenge #2

My One Hour Art Challenge #2

One Hour Challenge 2This is my second One Hour Art Challenge. I started this challenge to myself this week to help me become more focused in making artwork, something I have lost in the last month. If you have not read my blog post on my first One Hour Art Challenge, you can read about it by clicking the link.

So here was my second art challenge as it stood after one hour of work (I was able to stop myself after one hour this time.) As you can see, it’s nowhere nearly as done as the first One Hour Art Challenge was.

I had a much harder time coming up with a theme for this one. I even looked around for a quote to see if that would help me. Usually I find a quote that suits my artwork after I’ve almost completed it. Anyway, after the hour was up, I took a screen shot so you can view where it was up to that point. Not much there.

Live a Beauty Full LifeAnd here is the completed One Hour Art Challenge after I put three more hours into it. I don’t know when it started to come together as a cohesive work of art, I think it was once I decided it was going to be about beautiful things, like birds, flowers and butterflies. And of course, gorgeous women in beautiful clothes and hair dos. Oh la la, oh, so pretty! I love those old vintage photos of movie stars.

I like doing these One Hour Art Challenges, they really make me focus and work to create a theme right away. Before, I wasted a lot of time just pasting and playing with different layers and images. Now I feel the pressure (but in a good way) to focus and create something that I could almost call done, or at least, get a theme so I know what direction I’m going in.

And of course, this piece of artwork, which I entitled Beauty Full Life, is available for purchase in many sizes and mediums.

If you decide to try the One Hour Art Challenge, please let me know how it goes and what you create. I’d love to see it.


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