Now I Am Absolute Art

Paper Collage: Now I Am Absolute Art

Absolute Art smI created this paper collage when I decided that I was going to finally take myself seriously as an artist. I have always called myself an artist and made art an important part of my life, but up until about 8 years ago I was always afraid to put my artwork out there or to consider myself a “real” artist. A “real” artist meaning one who should be paid for her art work, whether that be through selling prints or being in art shows (not that there’s much money in that.)

So this magazine and pen collage was my statement to myself that I was moving into a new era of self-belief. And it worked for me, ever since then I have put my work out there, been in art show, set up booths at art festivals, and sold prints. I even created a paper doll book and self-published it.

I created this collage using pieces of images from magazines where I was just taking bits of colors that I liked. I drew the face and the eye and colored them in with colored pencils, and the hair is from a magazine model. The words are a mix of magazine word cutouts and alphabet stickers. The heavy blue lines are opaque markers.

Maybe this would be considered more of an art journaling piece then a serious collage piece, but it doesn’t matter. Art is wonderful and important no matter what category it is in.



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