MATS March Gallery Picks

My Favorite MATS March Picks

The MATS March gallery is up and displaying over 200 amazing pieces of artwork created during our March assignment, which was to create Jello designs for bolt fabric. It was a very frustrating assignment for me, I had to start over 3 times before I came up with something I liked, which you can view on my post MATS March Assignment Final.

I looked through the gallery and drooled over many of the images. The ones that I really like tend to have lots of textures to them, and when I see texture I want to CREATE art like crazy. So here are my favorite ones based on the rule that they have lots of texture to them. I liked lots of others because they are all fabulous in their own way and style, but this list is about texture. (There is a fabulous man who creates lots of free textures for people to use in their art, see my post Free Textures For Your Art to learn about him.

Here are my favorite textured ones listed alphabetically by the first name of the artist, along with links to their websites. (Click on the image to see the full size.)
Barbara Chotiner








Dar James









Deborah Velasquez









Emma Warner









Jeanine Henderson









Jennifer Wambach









Lien Geeroms

ass 2_40x40








Marco Marella









Sahily Tallet









Stephanie Corfee


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