MATS March Assignment Final

My MATS March Assignment Final Artwork

JELLO fabric woman faces FINAL smI had a very frustrating time with the MATS Bootcamp March assignment, which was to draw Jello and then create a repeating fabric design from it. The image at left is my final design, not shown in repeat.

I started off with a completely different Jello design and pattern that featured bright Jello colors, lots of different cups of Jello, and fruit shapes. After being totally unimpressed with it, and realizing that I would never purchase it if I saw it in a fabric store, I started over, two more times.

I realized by the third try that what I was trying to do with the first two, was to create something that I don’t really like – which is kid’s stuff. I don’t have kids and don’t really like designing stuff for kids. Once I realized that I needed to get back to my girly, pretty style of artwork I was able to come up with this design instead.

I also ditched the bright Jello colors for the color pallet that Lilla Rogers suggested. These colors are much more in keeping with my own style. I love muted colors with lots of soft purples, violets, and greens. I am so much happier with this design then with the other designs I tried. Hopefully I will remember this valuable lesson, stick to what I love. I also learned that fabric design is way harder then I realized.


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