MATS Bootcamp February Gallery Online

MATS Bootcamp Gallery for February Now Online

MATS Bootcamp Feb Gallery1The February gallery for the MATS Bootcamp went live today. Yah!!! I am so excited to be a part of this. It’s the end of our first assignment. You can read more about the MATS February assignment in my blog post. And you can see my final piece of artwork in my other post: MATS February assignment final.

I was able to finish my assignment early and get it into the gallery four days before the deadline. I am very proud of myself for doing that. I was going to wait and do some tweeks but then I realized it was keeping me from focusing on other artwork. So I posted it to the gallery and wiped my hands of it, for now anyway. There are some things that I think I will change down the road.

alice in wonderland cuckoo clock1The cell phone skin is too small to really see the artwork so here are some close ups of my cell phone.

MATS Bootcamp is about learning art licensing, creating art that sells, and building a professional portfolio. It’s not about freaking out over one piece of artwork, so I’m not going to let myself go there. This is my year for learning and growing and I’m going to cut myself some slack. Otherwise, the fun would be taken out of it. I am so happy, my life is wonderful!!

alice in wonderland cuckoo clock2Please go to the MATS Bootcamp February gallery and take a look at all the gorgeous, whimsical, creative artwork that the MATS Bootcampers have created.


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