Girls In Hats Series

Digital Collage: My Girls In Hats Series

Girl In Hat series by Cat WhippleThis is one of my latest Photoshop collage series, I call it Girls In Hats. There are eight of them total.

I created these using lots of different layers, some are images and patterns in the public domain that have been layered, filtered, distorted, etc. to create a new effect and look.

I drew the face on paper, colored it in with Pan Pastels and then scanned it in. Then I fixed the face so it was the way I wanted it. (I can never draw a symmetrical face, they are always lopsided.) Then I drew the hair, the hat, and clothes. After I was done with those I created the background.

I had lots of fun working on this series. I love drawing faces and creating clothes, its like dressing up barbie dolls when I was little.

(Image is copyright 2014, Cat Whipple)


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