Free Textures For Your Art

Free Textures for Use in Your Art

free textures for artI found a wonderful site that has hundreds of free textures for use in art work, and Photoshop. Shadowhouse Creations had lots of high resolution textures to download. And downloading them is as easy as going to the bottom of each post and hitting the “download zip” button. Most of the ones I downloaded had file images that ranged between 3 to 7 megabits in size, for each image. Lovely!

The blog owner also has tutorials on how to use his textures in photographs. And there are tutorials and kit downloads that teach you how to create other unique effects in Photoshop.

Here’s what the blog owner, Jerry Jones, has posted on what is blog is all about, “Here at Shadowhouse Creations we/i harness no Illusions of grandeur, all you see here, are creations of mine, such as textures, photoshop brushes, tutorials, layer masks, photoshop and artistic tips, calendars, posted web resources of interest and other things I hope of interest. it is my pleasure to provide free resources for like-minded people.” – Jerry Jones, owner of Shadowhouse Creations.

I LOVE it when I find amazing people who put their hard work and creativity out there for free on the web for other creative people to enjoy.

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