Digital Collage: Butterfly Woman

My favorite Digital Collage: Butterfly Woman

butterfly girl with crown websizeI created this digital collage about a year ago using some public domain images. I call it Butterfly Woman With Crown (for lack of something more original). I really like how the background came out, how the wings look, the woman’s dress colors, and everything else.

Sometimes I do artwork and I’m not happy with the end results, although with digital collage it’s so easy to keep reworking a digital collage piece until you get it the way you want. Even then, sometimes I just can’t get it right. But I love the way this one turned out. It uses all my favorite colors (purples, pinks, peaches) and almost all my favorite art subjects (beautiful women, crowns, butterflies, stars and sparklies.) The only thing missing is a cat.

(Copyright 2013, Cat Whipple)

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