Art Journaling Video by Vicky Papaioannou

Vicky Papaioannou – Art Journaling Video

art journaling video tutorialI have found a new favorite art journaling artist on Youtube. Vicky Papaioannou has some very nicely done tutorials on art journaling and paper collaging. Not only do I love her artwork but I also really like her videos. She edits them and does a voice over of what she is doing. (Some videos are annoying in that they are just straight through with no editing and they have background noises  – dogs barking, children crying – that are distracting.

She also mentions the names of all the art supplies (and she has lots of them) that she uses for her art journaling/mixed media collages. Her art journaling video “Take Life One Cup at a Time” is below. You can find Vicky Papaioannou’s Youtube channel here.

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