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butterfly blue smArt Journaling page with butterflies

I created this art journaling page a while back but left it blank. I filled it in just recently because I wanted to do something creative but didn’t have the energy to do any serious project. So I got my old art journaling pages out and started filling in some of the pages with markers. I wish I had scanned it in before writing on it. Oh well.

The background is acrylic paints on heavy paper. I also used stamps to create some of the butterfly images that you see peeking through the purple paint. The big butterfly images are from Dover’s Full Color Decorative Butterfly Illustrations.

I also used Sharpie Paint Markers over the paint – I love these markers because they are opaque and are basically paint in marker form. They come in acrylic or oil. I prefer the acrylic but the oils have their own unique characteristics and don’t take that long to dry.

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